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HydroponicsBCHydroponics B.C. is a great source for hydroponic information and resources. We have information and supplies regarding all areas of the science of hydroponics for you to use to grow your own hydroponic crops.

Hydroponic growing has become a major player because of its ability to be used where the ground or climate in the region can't normally support the growing of plant life. This can be a desert or even a space station, but hydroponic technology is used mainly by greenhouses and home hobbyists as a way of quickly raising plants to maturity. Because of hydroponics, the home hobbyist is now able to grow crops of the highest quality many times a year in a relatively small area.

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DateArticle TitleSource
Apr 2008  Pesticides the natural way - II  HydroponicsBC 
Jun 2006  Nutrients and healthy plant growth  HydroponicsBC 
May 2005  Hydroponic Gardening For Beginners  HydroponicsBC 
Feb 2005  Dissolved Solids in Water (TDS)  HydroponicsBC 
Jan 2005  Proper pH in Hydroponics irrigation streams  HydroponicsBC 
Apr 2004  Pesticides the natural way - I  HydroponicsBC 
Mar 2003  CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)  HydroponicsBC 
Oct 2002  Air Circulation  HydroponicsBC 
Apr 2002  Cloning - Step by step Introduction  HydroponicsBC 
Aug 2001  Tips to Increase Propagation Success  HydroponicsBC 
Apr 2000  Potting Soils as a Medium  HydroponicsBC 
Aug 1988  Growing Hydroponic Crops using Perlite  HydroponicsBC 
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