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Minter Country Garden
Minter Country Garden18-Acre Retail Garden Centre

Country Garden has been an important part of the Chilliwack community since 1957, with Brian and Faye Minter as owners since 1970. After 35 years on Hope River Road, they moved the business to a beautiful 18 acre site on Young Road North in January 1994.

This industry is an area of pride for the Minter's, and something that they enjoy sharing with others. Faye Minter created the overall layout of the Young Road store, with a vision for improving upon the shopping experience of their customers. The latest technology was also used, with the garden centre being designed to appeal to both people and plants. Hot water in-floor heating maintains a comfortable temperature year round with different temperature zones for different areas.

The pride and joy of Country Garden is the Prins Dutch Venlo style glass
greenhouse. A computer monitors all the irrigation and fertilization with an ebb and flow system. Rolling benches make maximum use of available space. Energy curtains, hot water bench heating and venting are all computer controlled to save energy and labour. The energy curtains open to let light in on cloudy days, close to provide shade on sunny days and close at night to hold in the heat. Vents open to cool on hot days and half of the roof opens up in the cooler plastic houses. The original greenhouses from this property and the older style greenhouses from the Hope River Road location were all saved and reconstructed with energy efficient double-poly and roll up sides. These have the potential to be converted to an ebb and flow bench water system since the in-ground infrastructure is in place.
Location: 10015 Young Road North, Chilliwack, BC, Canada   V2P 4V4 Minter Country Garden
Phone: (604) 792-6612   Fax: (604) 792-8893
Toll Free: 1-800-661-3919  
Wine Store: (604) 795-WINE   Office: (604) 792-3799
email: Click Here
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