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News Canada provides a wide selection of current, ready-to-use copyright free news stories and ideas for Television, Print, Radio, and the Web

For over 25 years, News Canada has been providing a strategic and unique public relations service by delivering its clients' embedded messages to millions of consumers via the media. With the information obtained from annual media surveys, not only do we keep on top of the needs of the media but are also able to provide our clients with a cost-effective means of achieving positive media coverage for their products and services. Through our Print, Web, Broadcast and Online Video services, we offer 100% guaranteed pick-up of your media-requested, newsworthy content and standardized reporting of proof of performance and success.
Location: Toronto, OR, Canada
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Sep 2012  Prepare your home properly for the cold weather 
Jun 2012  Do what you can to save the honey bee 
May 2012  Gardening tip for clay or sandy soil 
May 2012  Plant a designer garden without the designer prices 
Mar 2012  lawn care 
Jun 2011  A beginner's guide to planting a 'low–water' garden 
Mar 2011  Tips for a garden of delicious vegetables this summer 
Mar 2010  Going green: use mushroom compost this spring 
Oct 2009  Mulch leaves help your lawn 
Aug 2009  Let your Garden Leaves enhance your Favorite Pictures 
Aug 2009  Refinancing to take advantage of the Home Renovation Tax Credit 
May 2009  Tips on how to get the perfect lawn 
Apr 2009  Lawn care the natural way 
Mar 2009  Top 5 trends from a gardening guru 
Feb 2009  Preparing a healthy garden 
Mar 2008  Integrated Pest Management 
Feb 2008  The difference is in the soil 
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