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Lawn Care Tips

(NC)—As our springtime Lawn goes from soggy lifelessness to vibrant green, many homeowners are inspired to try their hand at improving the health and appearance of their turf. Re-seeding (or overseeding) is an easy way to revive a Lawn but can deliver mixed results, so applying a little expertise will ensure the effort isn't wasted.

“You are right that some dedicated attention to our Lawn is required from time to time,” says Scott MacDonald at Scotts Canada, a leader in this field. “Overseeding will add significant new life—and that includes thickening the turf to crowd out weeds and help prevent damage by insects and other elements. However, simply throwing some seed over troubled areas rarely gives the Lawn the boost it needs.”

Instead, MacDonald points out that a few dedicated 'overseeding' steps will make all the difference. For example, sufficient water for the seedlings is going to be vital to your success.

“If the seed dries out, it dies out so keeping it moist is critical,” he continued. “It's true that this requirement is not always easy for busy homeowners, so why not improve the odds for success by using water-retaining seed? Look for the advanced Coated Grass Seed by Scotts Turf Builder. It's a premium blend and each seed is wrapped with a water absorbent coating that acts like a sponge to retain water. This means with gradual moisture release, the seeds have a better chance to stay hydrated even if you miss a day of watering.”

For optimum re-seeding success, here are a few more tips from Scotts:

1. First step: Mow the grass shorter than normal, 1-2 inches high, to ensure the seed has direct contact with the soil.

2. Rake thoroughly to remove thatch and debris and to loosen the ground.

3. Optional steps for best results: Aerate the soil and/or apply topdressing. Aerating helps the Lawn to absorb water and nutrients easily, assisting the seeds to lodge and grow. Topdressing involves adding a layer of quality Lawn soil or triple mix to the area. Read the label to be sure the soil is weed-free.

4. Apply the Coated Grass Seed with a broadcast spreader according to directions on the bag. Before purchasing, consider the growing conditions. Sun exposure for example is the main factor, so choose a seed mix that matches a high, medium, or low amount of daily sunlight.

5. Apply a specialized seed food like Turf Builder Starter Lawn Fertilizer.

6. Water immediately and keep the spots moist until the seed fully germinates.

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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