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Let your Garden Leaves enhance your Favorite Pictures

Let falling leaves frame favourite photos

(NC)—With a little time (less than 2 hours) and a little planning, anyone can create a custom frame to enhance and display your favourite photos of the season. This delightful picture frame also makes a unique and wonderful Thanksgiving hostess gift. Start by shopping at your local home centre, hardware or craft store for the following:

  • A picture frame (32 cm x 28 cm) with an opening of 13 cm x 18 cm shown here)
  • Small wood leaves
  • Four, 12 mm diameter wood spacers about 6.5 mm thick
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint in hosta leaf, bauhaus gold, cherry red and burgundy or other colours of your choice
  • Krylon Leafing Pens in 18 KT. gold, silver and copper
  • Craft glue

Then follow these directions:

  1. Base coat the front and back of the frame with 2-3 coats of hosta leaf, following the directions on the can.
  2. Base coat the top of three small and three large leaves using bauhaus gold; two small and two large leaves with cherry red; and three small and three large leaves with burgundy.
  3. Add veining to each leaf, using the leafing pens as follows: 18 KT. gold on bauhaus gold; silver on burgundy; copper on cherry red.
  4. Glue spacers to the back of one large and one small burgundy leaf; one large cherry red leaf and one large bauhaus gold leaf.
  5. Glue leaves to frame.

More information, inspiration, and project ideas can be found online at Krylon spray paints are available at hardware and home centre stores throughout Canada and the United States.

- News Canada


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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Aug 2009  Let your Garden Leaves enhance your Favorite Pictures 
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