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Tips on how to get the perfect lawn


(NC)—If the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, it may be time to rethink your lawn-care strategy. Brown, patchy or weed-ridden lawns are often the result of improper care. You too can have lush, green grass by employing some lawn care fundamentals. A real estate agent will emphasize the added benefit of curb appeal when selling your home so follow these need-to-know tips to get your lawn in tip-top shape this summer:

Mowing your lawn:

• Never cut more than one third of its height. Cutting grass too short weakens the plant, lowers weed resistance and it becomes susceptible to scorching from the sun. Opt for longer grass during times of intense heat or drought.

• Leave the clippings on the lawn as a frequently mowed lawn produces short clippings that release important nutrients as they decay and reduce water evaporation.

• Mow your lawn in varying patterns and do so in the evening to allow the grass a chance to recuperate before exposure to the sun.

Watering your lawn:

• Water in the early morning to allow for proper penetration, avoiding excessive evaporation from the afternoon sun.

• Your lawn should receive enough water to penetrate to the depth of the roots. A well-watered lawn will spring back. Signs of an under-watered lawn include drooping grass, a bluish/grey colour and footprints that remain visible in the grass.

Managing weeds:

• Maintain a thick coverage of grass - this is the best defence against weeds.

• Reseed your lawn every spring to help encourage thicker growth.

• Get rid of weeds by using herbicides. Manual weeding is also an option, but the entire root must be removed or the weed may return.

Maintaining soil:

• Healthy soil is an essential requirement for a healthy lawn. Although soil composition varies dramatically by geography, most lawns can benefit from fertilization. Use a soil test kit to determine which fertilizer (if any) will help your lawn.

• Ensure your lawn has an even layer of topsoil. A lawn with too many bumps or depressions can cause water to run off high areas and collect in lower areas.

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