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Preparing a healthy garden

(NC)-With the warm weather approaching, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for the spring and summer season. The lawn and garden team at Canadian Tire have the following tips to help ensure your garden gets a natural and healthy start this season.


Flowers and Perennials:


  • Now is the best time to apply fertilizer that will feed all-season long. Available at Canadian Tire is a controlled release fertilizer, CIL once & done or smartcote feed & forget which both only require one application in the Spring
  • Loosen garden soil and add composted manure
  • Prune roses and cut back ornamental grasses and perennials
  • Identify areas for new plantings. Be sure to use a starter fertilizer
  • Monitor for insect and disease infestations. When pest problems occur, take 'first-step' action using natural, environmentally-friendly control products.


  • Stake taller plants for support. This will ensure that tall plants don't bend and flop over
  • Dead-heading flowers (the process of removing dead or spent flowers) will encourage repeat blooms and the overall appearance
  • Use landscape fabric and a 4 inch layer of mulch to prevent weeds
  • Feed regularly with a high phosphorus fertilizer to encourage blooms
  • Water early in the morning or at dusk, not in the heat of the day. Use a ground-lying soaker hose in area of dense growth. Consider Yardworks 50' soaker hose, which is ideal for shrubs, vegetable gardens and flower beds because of its deep, even, soaking-action.

Trees and Shrubs:


  • Remove winter wraps when the risk of frost has passed
  • Spray dormant oil to control over-wintering diseases and insects on trees and ornamentals
  • Feed established trees and shrubs with a high-nitrogen fertilizer to encourage healthy, woody growth
  • If you have a forsythia in your garden, ensure that it is pruned back after blooming
  • Prune summer-blooming ornamentals after the risk of frost has passed
  • Plant bare-root trees. Be sure to use starter fertilizer and triple mix


  • Water newly-planted trees well around their trunks
  • Prune early flowering shrubs
  • Prune evergreens and hedges
  • Watch for insect pests, diseases and weeds
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Toronto, ON, Canada

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